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The National Carnival Development Foundation (NCDF) through the Mas Transformation Secretariat and with support from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investments is currently planning its historic first Mas Trade Mission to Europe.

This Mas Trade Mission to Europe is in keeping with our goal of transforming Mas into a Sustainable Industry, as we are keen to globally brand our members’ products and services by expanding their access to markets outside of Trinidad & Tobago.

The Mas Trade Mission will take place from July 12 – 21 (inclusive) and will involve a 2-day visit to Paris, France followed by a 6-day visit to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in order to conduct Business to Business meetings to help win work contracts from Festival Organisers in Europe. Additionally, Mas Trade Mission delegates will participate in Rotterdam Carnival's Parade of the Bands in order to showcase local Mas talent.

We advise that only six (6) export-ready Mas Practitioners will qualify for this opportunity, but our continued efforts will ensure that similarly opportunities are offered to other Mas Practitioners in the future. The costs of airfare, accommodations, meals and local transportation for the Trade Mission will be covered by us, but those interested in participating must demonstrate that their establishment meets the strict selection criteria below:

  1. Availability to travel from July 12 - 21
  2. Ability to supply 1000 high quality coloured brochures promoting your organisation
  3. Ability to supply 6 costumes for display (1 frontline and 5 backline)
  4. More than 5 years experience exporting to North America
  5. More than 5 years experience exporting to United Kingdom
  6. Experience exporting to Europe
  7. Institutional capacity to grow exports
  8. Financial capacity to grow exports
  9. Commitment to quality
  10. Support for and involvement in NCDF activities
  11. Strong business approach
  12. Strong internal governance

Please communicate your willingness to participate by April 17, 2014, and note that all selected persons are expected to attend a mandatory briefing / training session to ensure that their ability to impact Europe is maximised. Failure to attend the briefing session will cancel your eligibility to participate in the Mas Trade Mission to Europe.

If you require further information or believe that your organisation meets the above criteria then kindly contact Mr. Kennedy Pemberton at 223 4687 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Looking forward to your kind response soonest.

Explanation Notes to Selection Criteria

Works of Mas
Works of Mas includes but are is not limited to costumes, artistic designs / decor, sketches, theatrical performance, road management services, band management services, logistics and coordination services, sound and lighting services.

Export Experience
This can be either in the form of persons going abroad to create ‘Works of Mas’ in the countries identified and/or in the form of ‘Works of Mas’ created locally and then shipped to the countries identified.

Institutional capacity to grow exports
The human resources needed to identify, connect with, and win business from regional and international festival organisers. Particular ability to meet international quality standards and work within industry safety and best practice standards.

Financial capacity to grow exports
Access to capital / monies needed to produce 'works of Mas' in bulk quantities for export purposes, and/or to facilitate team member travel and accommodation for business meetings and negotiations that win work contracts from international clients. Capital should be available either in the form of cash in bank or assets needed to secure loan arrangements from financial institutions.

Commitment to quality
Work must not be sloppy or involve the use of sub-standard materials and or assembly techniques. Works of Mas must therefore offer value for money and be structurally sound as well as visually pleasing.

Commitment to Innovation in Mas
Works created must utilise unique and forward thinking concepts which help to bring about positive change in the Industry, and has the potential to become industry best practice. Innovations may include but are not limited to the use of environmentally friendly, green or renewable materials, and new methods for assembling costumes.

Strong business approach
Treating the creation of cultural and artistic works as a professional and commercially viable job. This could include but is not limited to sourcing quality materials, keeping proper financial records, and seeking opportunities to utilise your skills to generate year-round income.

Strong internal governance
The organisation must have clearly defined leadership structures and roles, with guidelines on how to interact with clients and manage finances.

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